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Groundhog Day

by Sue Allon

The Power Outage Blues » Monday, January 16, 2020
Bloomberg Businessweek had the following article about Post-It Wars. The Wars seem to have originated in France, but they’ve now crossed the Big Pond to the US.  Employees in office buildings are using Post-Its to make a statement.
Entrepreneurship, Internal
Eliminate the Performance Review: Part 2 » Wednesday, December 14, 2020
By Bill Cushard
Improve Performance: Eliminate the Performance Review » Wednesday, November 30, 2020
By Bill Cushard
ABS East Panel: Developments in Loan Origination and Underwriting Standards » Tuesday, October 25, 2020
Last week, at the ABS East conference in Miami, I moderated a panel on originations and underwriting. My panel included: Darius Bozorgi, President and CEO of Veros  Real Estate Solutions, a company that provides valuations and predictive analytics. Qunicy Tang, SVP of DBRS, and Kathy Kelbaugh, VP-Senior Analyst, Moody’s. Eric Kaplan, Managing Director with Shellpoint Partners and Bill...
ABS East--The Bear Crawl » Thursday, October 20, 2020
I just attended the ABS East conference, in Miami Beach.  This is an annual conference for the securitization market.  All of the banks and issuers attend, as well as firms like mine.  Even though we're a small company, we send a lot of people to this conference, because every meeting we have while there is one that we would otherwise have to fly out to, separately, with all the...
Business, Securitization
Allonhill featured in Wall Street Journal business innovation contest » Tuesday, September 20, 2020
I started Allonhill  three years ago this week with a small team of industry veterans to fix the inherent problems that contributed to the collapse of the housing market. The federal government’s response to the credit crisis in the early days of our company shifted the business climate for us and for the rest of the mortgage industry. I’m proud of the way our team responded, and how we...
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