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Groundhog Day

by Sue Allon

The Rewards of Risk » Monday, July 29, 2020
By Sue Allon I read recently in Psychology Today that the happiest people are risk-takers.  I believe it.  I like risk.  I loved learning high performance driving at the Bondurant School.  I even found it double-exciting when I wiped out on a corner.  (Not because I was going too fast; I just forgot which corner I was on and turned left instead of right.  A...
Business, Leadership
Video: Sue Allon Talks Entrepreneurship » Tuesday, July 16, 2020
July 16,2020 - Sue Allon shares her experience as founder and CEO of Allonhill, a leader in mortgage due diligence and credit risk management.  The online video was produced by Tuck Entrepreneur in Residence Program.  Sue talks about the importance of business fundamentals, the value of communication and other skills that have contributed to her success as an entrepreneur and thought...
Women’s Choice: Family and career? The simple answer is yes. » Monday, July 30, 2020
The July/August cover story of the Atlantic about women's choice of family and career coincided with the July announcement that Marissa Mayer is the new president and CEO of Yahoo!. All hell broke loose when more details of Mayer's professional and personal life became known. Not only is Mayer young, (at 37, she is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company) and female (and only 4% of Fortune 500...
Supporting The Aurora Shooting Victims » Monday, July 23, 2020
Many friends of Allonhill, including our clients from around the country, remote workers and past employees, have sent messages asking if we are okay. We are okay! Thank you all, so much, for your concern for us and our community. Thankfully, none of our employees were directly impacted by the nightmare of senseless killings on Friday at an Aurora movie theatre. But we are all affected, and...
Resumes Should Tell it All » Tuesday, May 1, 2020
I was at the University of Denver’s campus last week, meeting with students. I talked about my career path and its many turns. Looking back, the turns that seemed the most discouraging were always the ones that took me the farthest and turned out the best. I took a lot of chances with many of my career decisions, and I also ended up taking a few jobs because I had to.
The Borrower's "Sophie's Choice" » Monday, April 2, 2020
A great irony of the subprime era was that tax and insurance payments were escrowed for borrowers with money in the bank and proven credit, yet those who lived paycheck-to-paycheck did not have to include T&I in their mortgage payments.