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Resumes Should Tell it All

I was at the University of Denver’s campus last week, meeting with students. I talked about my career path and its many turns. Looking back, the turns that seemed the most discouraging were always the ones that took me the farthest and turned out the best. I took a lot of chances with many of my career decisions, and I also ended up taking a few jobs because I had to.

Eliminate the Performance Review: Part 2

By Bill Cushard

Improve Performance: Eliminate the Performance Review

By Bill Cushard

Visit from Denver's Cupcake Truck

By Molly Bash

We at Allonhill believe nothing brings people together like trendy baked goods.  So we figured what better way to get us through the week before a holiday weekend than the hottest craze in the baking world today:  cupcakes.

David Cooper's Story

My friend and former employee, David Cooper, was featured with his service dog, Parnelli (named for race car driver Parnelli Jones), on a National Geographic Wild documentary series “Blue Collar Dogs” this week.

David lost his sight when he was 17, in a warm-up run for a ski race on Aspen Mountain. I first met him in June 2001, when he applied for a summer internship with my first company, Murrayhill. I was impressed by David’s desire to learn the mortgage industry and hired him, thinking he would eventually make a good analyst on our credit risk management team.

On Jobs, and I Don't Mean Employment

Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence from his day-to-day duties as CEO of Apple this week, and I am deeply moved by it.

The vision and principle Jobs poured into Apple helped inspire me to start my own company.

Due Diligence Firms as Experts

Should due diligence firms be viewed as experts on mortgage securitizations, in much the same way accounting firms are viewed as experts on audited financial statements?  Some in our industry say no.  I say yes.  Here's why.


I came into the office today thinking I need to write something about the Halloween party we had on October 29.  I ended up spending an hour looking at photos from that party and simply not being able to contain my happiness.

This year, Allonhill invoked a tradition that came from the Murrayhill Company.  We had a very big, grand, over-the-top costume contest. 

The Big Chill

Allonhill is fairly chaotic most days.  We need to meet together quite a lot, and we have clients in to do site visits, others in to do compliance tests, and others visiting us or vice versa to talk about partnering together.  We're hiring at an incredible rate.  I think we have 13 jobs posted right now, but we need dozens of analysts by year-end with qualifications that cover the full spectrum of mortgage expertise.  We have a couple of other jobs that aren't posted, in areas such as compliance and human resources.

After the Ashram

Diana and I have successfully made our re-entry from the Ashram.

We are both thinner, fitter, full of energy and practically vegan.