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Visit from Denver's Cupcake Truck

By Molly Bash

We at Allonhill believe nothing brings people together like trendy baked goods.  So we figured what better way to get us through the week before a holiday weekend than the hottest craze in the baking world today:  cupcakes.

Denver’s Cupcake Truck made a special stop outside of Allonhill’s office yesterday afternoon.  The Cupcake Truck, an offshoot of the Cake Crumbs Bakery, is a bit of a Denver legend.  Every day, co-owner Sean, “the cupcake man,” loads up one of two 1969 Ford Vanette trucks, named Clyde and Clementine.  He drives around Denver and, when he finds a good spot that is near a lot of people, parks and sets up shop, selling cupcakes out the window. 

At every stop Sean tweets and facebooks his location so that Clyde and Clementine’s loyal fans (and there are a LOT of them, with 1,866 Twitter followers and over 10,000 “likes” on Facebook) may converge on the truck’s location.  Needless to say, people were disappointed when they walked by and saw a “private party” sign across Clyde’s side.

Sean and Clyde were scheduled to arrive at 2:00pm; by 1:50 there was a line halfway around the block.  Sean is just what you would wish for and expect in a cupcake man- charming, gregarious, and funny.  He told one Allonhiller that her green and pink sundress looked like a cupcake and he wished she’d been around the day before, when he was filmed for a reality baking show.

The truck was parked right outside of the Tilted Kilt, a Celtic-themed sports bar known for its waitresses, whose outfits are reminiscent of an early Britney Spears’s video.  Sean told us that the Kilt girls were so excited about the cupcakes that they came over three times, claiming they only worked at the restaurant part time and were, in fact, Allonhill employees.


The Cupcake Truck offers 26 cupcake flavors, ranging from the traditional Vanilla-Vanilla to the more daring Denver Snowball.  My pseudo-scientific observations revealed that by far the most popular choice was the cupcake of the day, Pretty Pretty Princess, followed by Red Velvet, Pistachio, and Zippy Lemon.  Sue had an interesting thought as she observed people ordering their cupcakes- cupcake preference may be able to help us in assigning people to projects.  Maybe it could be a quick and easy self assessment that could tell us a lot about a person, sort of like a single-question Meyers-Briggs test.  Maybe I’ll try to convince HR to incorporate it into the interview process.

Hopefully everyone’s sugar highs yesterday helped them get through the end of the day with a little more pizzazz; I for one had a spring in my step after inhaling a delicious vegan Denver Snowball.