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Women’s Choice: Family and career? The simple answer is yes.

The July/August cover story of the Atlantic about women's choice of family and career coincided with the July announcement that Marissa Mayer is the new president and CEO of Yahoo!. All hell broke loose when more details of Mayer's professional and personal life became known. Not only is Mayer young, (at 37, she is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company) and female (and only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women), but she is also pregnant.

Supporting The Aurora Shooting Victims

Many friends of Allonhill, including our clients from around the country, remote workers and past employees, have sent messages asking if we are okay.

We are okay! Thank you all, so much, for your concern for us and our community. Thankfully, none of our employees were directly impacted by the nightmare of senseless killings on Friday at an Aurora movie theatre. But we are all affected, and deeply, deeply saddened, by this event.

Allonhill: Lean, Mean, Snowed-In Working Machine

Bill Cushard, our Head of Learning, posted a blog today on Mindflash, an online learning site. 

The Power Outage Blues

Bloomberg Businessweek had the following article about Post-It Wars.

The Wars seem to have originated in France, but they’ve now crossed the Big Pond to the US.  Employees in office buildings are using Post-Its to make a statement.

Eliminate the Performance Review: Part 2

By Bill Cushard

Improve Performance: Eliminate the Performance Review

By Bill Cushard

Allonhill Parents: They ROCK

If there’s one thing we love about Allonhill, it’s us.

I know how that sounds.  But that’s really what this company is about—the people.  That leads me to wonder how we end up with so many of the best.  I think I may have stumbled onto at least one reason over the past few days.  It’s the parents.

Visit from Denver's Cupcake Truck

By Molly Bash

We at Allonhill believe nothing brings people together like trendy baked goods.  So we figured what better way to get us through the week before a holiday weekend than the hottest craze in the baking world today:  cupcakes.

Tough Mudder

Allonhill fielded a team of six competitors in the Beaver Creek Tough Mudder challenge this weekend.

Tough Mudder is a bad race.  It involves slogging through waist-deep, ice cold water.  They make you run uphill, in high altitude.  Jumping, crawling, running, and trudging through mud are just part of it.  Crawling through live electric wires and jumping into buckets of ice water are included.

Biker Jim's Hot Dog Stand

In an amazing sequence of events, Memorial Day weekend and all that goes with it has snuck up on Allonhill.  What’s amazing is that we’ve had so much going on, nobody had time to prepare for the holiday.