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Allonhill Parents: They ROCK

If there’s one thing we love about Allonhill, it’s us.

I know how that sounds.  But that’s really what this company is about—the people.  That leads me to wonder how we end up with so many of the best.  I think I may have stumbled onto at least one reason over the past few days.  It’s the parents.

I was at an event and a couple came up and told me with great pride that their son works for me.  They also explained to some others standing near us that he works on a project that has a code name, and he won’t tell anyone, not even them, who the client really is.  They were so excited about his work, and about how seriously he takes the code-naming convention, that it reminded me of my mother’s excitement when she would tell people about my brother Hal’s mysterious military missions, when he would call and say “If I tell you where I’m going or when I’ll be back, I’ll have to kill you.”

Earlier this week, a member of our team became ill and was hospitalized.  Everyone around her knew to call her mom, and it is her mother who has given us updates as she has gotten better.  I spoke to her mom and was amazed at how calm she was.  She stayed with her daughter nonstop from the time she became ill, and maintained that steadfastly calm presence the whole time.  (PS: said employee is back to work now, and doing fine.)

Today, I’m looking at a tee shirt from one of our bright and talented analysts.  His mom had it made for him.  It reads: Mortage Data Analyst, AKA The Number Cruncher: mmm…yummm!

First, I have to tell you, I’m very sure you have to love what we do to think that crunching numbers is good enough to be described in “yummm” terms, but I do, and a lot of other Allonhillers would agree.  Further, it’s a really beautiful, tasteful tee shirt.  It has his name.  It has our address, and a very cool, retro picture of a house.  It’s a tee shirt even a non-tee shirt wearer like me would want to wear.  And it actually manages to evoke a very good image of what I know this employee to be about.


I hope when my daughter is old enough to be someone’s employee I’ll still be as connected to her as these wonderful parents are to their kids.

Back to the tee shirt.  On the back is a piece that should be sung, I believe, loudly and while in the shower:


That due diligence!

(and risk management.)

(Repeat several times until mom, roommate, neighbor or spouse pounds on door demanding that you cut it out.)

This is probably the first song ever written about due diligence, by the way.  And I’m proud to have it premiered right here, at Allonhill.  Yep, still more evidence that we are all about innovation at Allonhill.


Response to "Allonhill Parents: They Rock"

Ms. Allon,

I enjoyed reading your blog about Allonhill Parents. It impressed me in 2 ways. First, as a mother I found it encouraging that there are other parents who continue to support and encourage their children even after they have purportedly flown the nest. It is refreshing to hear how involved parents remain in their children's live.

Secondly, I was impressed that you knew what was happening in the lives of your employees. That speaks loudly to an organizational culture that takes an active interest in their employees beyond just the four walls of the office.

Also, what tune should I be applying when singing the "Due Diligence" diddy? :0)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Brenda J

Moms for GEN Y may be too involved...

Dear Ms. Allon,

I came across your website through the American Banker's Association group on LinkedIn.

One topic that's been discussed widely is the "helicopter parent." Do you think this social phenomenon is overstated or just holds true for a small percentage of Gen Y and succeeding generations? What are the repercussions to our system as a whole if in fact this social phenomenon is more widespread than thought?

Thank you in advance for your time reading this email!