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Seller Due Diligence

Bringing due diligence to the front of the sales cycle

  • Provide trustworthy, credible and equal information to all potential buyers
  • Lead the industry to a new standard of ethics and integrity
  • Limit exposure to excess due diligence re-imbursement costs by providing a credible pre-sale due diligence package
  • Shorten sales timeline 

In the post-meltdown world of the mortgage industry, originators and portfolio sellers are held to a higher standard of disclosure than ever before.

A unique opportunity exists to restore public opinion and reinvent the way information is provided to potential portfolio buyers. Execution and availability of credible, sell-side due diligence can reinvigorate the reputation of the industry.

Until now, the buyers drove the due diligence process. Allonhill offers a solution to put sellers in a position of credibility and confidence. A full and accurate picture of loan portfolios can attract increased and more aggressive bids, facilitate pricing expectations and eliminate non-reimbursement concerns.

Allonhill works with originators and portfolio sellers to define due diligence needs and then provides the highest quality, expert review in the industry. The opportunity to address issues within a loan portfolio before the bidding begins reduces fade and fall out.

Allonhill's seller due diligence solutions are focused on creating renewed confidence in the accuracy and full disclosure of loan portfolio information with transparency and integrity.