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Allonhill is committed to doing business with highest integrity and in accordance with all laws and regulations applicable to its business. By holding ourselves, and our business partners, to the highest standards, Allonhill will demonstrate this commitment and achieve our goal of changing the due diligence industry.

Allonhill's Code of Ethics embodies our standards, and is intended to help each Allonhill employee and representative understand their responsibilities and guide them in their actions and behavior. A link to our Code of Ethics is on this page.

Because Allonhill's Code of Ethics requires the reporting of any actual or suspected unethical or illegal behavior, Allonhill has partnered with EthicsPoint, an independent and objective third party, to create an anonymous and confidential reporting tool. The Ethics Hotline offers web-based reporting as well as a toll-free telephone number staffed by representatives of EthicsPoint. The web-based reporting tool is hosted on an EthicsPoint secured server, and no Allonhill employee has access to that server. The toll-free hotline number is: 1-866-290-0619. The web-based reporting can be accessed through the link on this page or by going to

The Ethics Hotline is available to anyone wishing to report potentially unethical, improper, or illegal conduct. The information submitted through the Ethics Hotline will be confidentially forwarded to Allonhill management. If you wish to remain anonymous, or you do not feel comfortable reporting issues through normal Allonhill communication channels, the Ethics Hotline is the appropriate tool.

Allonhill's commitment to the highest ethical standards means that we will give careful consideration to all information submitted through the Ethics Hotline and will conduct prompt and thorough investigations as appropriate. Allonhill prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report or who participates in an investigation, and will take appropriate disciplinary action against any person who is found to be engaging in retaliation.