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Credit Risk Management

Confidence and comfort comes in many forms


  • Customized Risk Model
  • Online System Access 
  • High-Touch Loan Review 
  • Secure & Scalable 
  • Investor Transparency 
  • Servicing Expertise 
  • On-Site Servicer Visits 
  • Portfolio Benchmarking 

Allonhill's credit risk management solutions target borrower retention, maximizing investor recoveries and zeroing in on what could take you out.

Allonhill knows more about defaulted loans and loan servicing than anyone in the industry. Functional expertise focuses on the profile of servicers and loans to identifying areas that have the highest potential impact, current or future.

Servicer oversight is performed by onsite assessments and data analysis. Analysts reconcile every deal from the trustee or CDO manager.

Allonhill offers dual level risk filtering, governmental program eligibility and compliance, liquidation timeline monitoring, servicers, trustees, MI companies, and other third party discrepancy resolution.

Due diligence scoring and recommendations can be linked to each loan for full integration. Custom reporting exposes risk factors, servicing gaps and portfolio trends to drive issue resolution, systemic change and investor recovery opportunities.