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Supporting The Aurora Shooting Victims

Many friends of Allonhill, including our clients from around the country, remote workers and past employees, have sent messages asking if we are okay.

We are okay! Thank you all, so much, for your concern for us and our community. Thankfully, none of our employees were directly impacted by the nightmare of senseless killings on Friday at an Aurora movie theatre. But we are all affected, and deeply, deeply saddened, by this event.

Colorado is such a wonderful place. If anything, it stands for love of life, with its emphasis on nature, fitness and quality of life. Coloradans share a crazy enthusiasm for living life to its fullest. To have so many people, most of them very young, die, and at the hands of another young person, brings us all to a sudden standstill. The Columbine tragedy still reminds us of wounds that will never heal, and this one adds a depth of sadness that renews that pain, and makes us all wonder about so many aspects of life.

We all wish we knew how we can help. We have heard through the media that there is one thing we can do—give blood.

In the Denver Metro area, blood banks are booked through the end of the month, so many people and organizations have volunteered to give blood. But that is just through the end of the month, which is only another week. After that, we can all line up to give blood, in August, and after. And if you aren’t in Colorado, know that your community would be grateful for your company’s blood drive, or for your own donation.

Thank you, everyone, for the support and caring that you’ve extended to this community. We’re going to keep calm and carry on at Allonhill, and do our best to express our support to the emergency personnel who helped that night, the people who lost loved ones, and the heroes who emerged, by participating in the blood drives we have access to this coming week.