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What we do

Allonhill is reinventing the mortgage industry with mortgage due diligence and credit risk management solutions that will define the standards of quality moving forward. As a third-party reviewer, our independence, depth of expertise, proprietary technology and approach to due diligence and credit risk management provides clients the highest degree of hands-on oversight and intervention when buying or selling pools, when securitizing loans, or when managing loans and securitizations over time.

Allonhill has technology, infrastructure, and processes designed to meet requirements for large-scale projects involving confidential, non-public information, for both public and private-sector clients. We pride ourselves in our proven ability to deliver high-quality results on time sensitive projects involving tens of thousands of loans.


Our History

Sue Allon pioneered the concept of credit risk management by an independent third party when she founded The Murrayhill Company in 1997. Murrayhill had more than $137 billion under management and was named on 88 percent of the subprime, private-label residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) issued.

In 2008, Allon combined her credit risk management experience with the market need for transparent due diligence and formed Allonhill. Allonhill acquired a proven and established internet-based due diligence system, its staff and development and IT support team. Allonhill serves more than a dozen national loan investors, in addition to government agencies, ratings agencies, servicers and other private investors.

Allonhill is a certified woman-owned business.