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Eliminate the Performance Review: Part 2

By Bill Cushard

Improve Performance: Eliminate the Performance Review

By Bill Cushard

After the Ashram

Diana and I have successfully made our re-entry from the Ashram.

We are both thinner, fitter, full of energy and practically vegan.

Ashram Boot Camp

Below is a recent photo of Diana Mead, our president, taken in her office halfway through a fairly normal day at the Hill....

Lessons From The Headmaster

You don't only find management teachings in the predictable places.  The Head of my daughter's school is a great leader, and she's already taught me something about management this year.  She doesn't come across as a manager, she comes across as a teacher.  But I'm not fooled.  Ronni McCaffrey has a thing or two that she could teach about managing a company. 

At The Hill, There Ain't No Mountain High Enough

There's a lot of talk about tall mountains in our offices lately. Even more than you'd expect for a company based in Colorado, where scrambling up a 14,000-foot peak is considered normal weekend recreation. Recently we decided to change the way we discuss client work within our walls. We adopted client code names, based on the "14ers"- mountains higher than 14,000 feet- that dot the Colorado landscape.

The Myth of the Disposable Worker

Bloomberg Businessweek reporters Peter Coy, Michelle Conlin and Moira Herbst this month took an in-depth look into the recent phenomenon in American business of hiring temporary, or contract, workers. The piece, which ran with the headline "The Disposable Worker," touched on many themes that are familiar to us at Allonhill.

My First Dumpster Dive

I received a sinister-sounding e-mail over the weekend from someone I've never met. The writer said he owned some residential properties in a tough part of town, and someone had put Allonhill's "refuse" in the dumpster. It was hard to say whether he was alerting me to something he thought I should know, or accusing me of something.

A job fair in THIS economy?!

The (female and male) manager's dilemma