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Loan Repurchases

Allonhill no hired gun for repurchase work

Ever since Ruth Simon's piece on the "cottage industry" of due diligence providers going after repurchase work ran in The Wall Street Journal, I've gotten a lot of phone calls and e-mails from people hopeful that Allonhill wants a piece of the repurchase frenzy.

I disappoint them. Allonhill is not a hired gun ready to go after any repurchase work we can get.  That business model seems to be working for some, but it's not one we'll adopt.

Repurchases, Accountability and the Return of a Healthy Securitization Market

Repurchases have been getting lots of attention lately, as investors pursue them on seasoned MBS and issuers defend against them. The numbers can be large, even on an individual loan. The rules have always been poorly defined and there are many complications: how much should be paid out, who gets it, how the different bond classes are affected, and so on.

Loan Repurchase Requests a Reality for Foreseeable Future

TheStreet's Laura Kulikowski this week examined the rising tide of mortgage repurchases (also called put-backs) in one of the best reports on the issue I’ve seen to date.